Day 1!

 Day 1 was a hoot but very tiring.

We had a beautiful walk with the CASA Support services crew from Alice Springs. Internet is patchy where we are. Because we arrived a couple of days late we needed to finalise our packing and preparation so we are back at our accomodation after completing the first day's walk. 

It was fairly difficult even though it was supposed to be the easy part!

Some of the about 18 members of Casa Support Services enjoying the trail with us.
We hope to join these folks again further along the trail. They all did really well.

Paul had a good chat with Wally (who is still in Tasmania) on Euro Ridge. He still hopes he will get here when his lung function improves, but we will put no pressure on him. Hell of a thing CF.

We met Australian Rock Climbing Legend Simon Mentz on the trail today.

And now we are plum tuckered out and relaxing before we have to start all over again tomorrow early.